We are a manufacturer of furniture for shops

Here is how we can help you

We conform to any budget

Being a manufacturing factory, we can conform to any budget, proposing the ideal solution for you. Thanks to our decades of experience we ask you, for example, how long that piece of furniture should last.

Changing Displays

If, for example, for business or commercial needs, you often have to change the type of displays, we will prototype solutions that allow you to repay in the time of actual use.

Materials suitable for sales activities

Sales activities require many types of materials to make the furniture beautiful, functional and versatile: that's why we constantly select a wide range of materials, working them in house with the latest machinery.

We implement with:

check smallSolid wood (fir, pine, larch, maple, linden, cherry, ayus, emlok, walnut, raw and evaporated beech, oak)
check smallMultilayer (poplar, pine, beech, birch, okumè)
check smallPanels (mdf and hdf also colored, chipboard, lamellar, listellar, laminated, negor, vitter, plexiglas, polycarbonate, laminated, hpl, aluminum)
check small Iron and glass

We deliver autonomously

We are organized for delivering any type of quantity: we also receive orders for 2,000 displays at a time. We deliver directly without intermediaries.


You will always receive certificates of origin of all raw materials used in the creation of any type of furniture.

Exhibition Systems

We specialize in the design and production of display systems for communication and for the complete set-up of shops and businesses, for indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces. Each product is made with artisan production processes and great attention to detail and design.

We design your shop

We specialize in the design and production of displays for perfumeries and furniture for shops, hotels, ships and any type of commercial chain.
Whatever your request, we will fulfil it!

Customized Products

Our staff is entirely made up of artisans who for years have dedicated themselves to wood processing to create accessories, furniture and unique objects that stand out for the quality of the materials used and finishes. The possibility to make custom made furniture and accessories allows us to satisfy all your needs, we will help you and advise you to realize what you would like, to comply with your Budget!

Special Projects

Upon request of a client we have created, a driving simulator specific for driving schools.

GuidaTuPro is a professional driving simulator, realized with the most modern 3D technologies. In addition to simulating practical driving in city or extra-urban scenarios, day or night and with any type of vehicle, it allows to simulate driving on wet, ice unpaved roads.

A real driving simulator, also available with some technical adaptations that make it accessible even to people with lower limb motor disability.

In collaboration with the Observatory for Road Education and Safety of the Emilia Romagna Region.

We always make a PROTOTYPE for our customers

Unlike others (which underestimate the prototype), we make it a fundamental element for the success of each project.

You have your personal idea of a display

Usually who contacts us:
check smallalready has his own idea of display, perhaps with a project of his trusted architect
check smallasks for advice on how to best realize a display combining aesthetics, quality and savings.

In both cases we make a complete project and a quote, before moving on to the next phase, where you will see the prototype of the display that we have estimated.


We analyze together which materials and finishes to use according to your budget


We prepare project and quote


In short time we make a prototype to check the compliance with your requirements


Once you have viewed the prototype, you will receive a 2nd one (final) with the colors, finishes and materials agreed

A look inside our company

In this video you can see a preview of our production, workmanship and machinery. The steps are illustrated by Giordano, the company's manager.

Materials employed

check smallSolid wood (fir, pine, larch, maple, linden, cherry, ayus, emlok, walnut, raw and evaporated beech, oak)
check smallMultilayer (poplar, pine, beech, birch, okumè)
check smallPanels (mdf and hdf also colored, chipboard, lamellar, listellar, laminated, negor, vitter, plexiglas, polycarbonate, laminated, hpl, aluminum)
Iron and glass
check smallIron and glass

What we do

check smallWe follow you in the design, in the choice of quality materials, finishes more suitable for use and compliant with the environment where they will be placed
check smallWe are looking for accessories to add value to the functionality of the furnishings
check smallWe provide all the Certifications of origin of the materials used
check smallIn a very short time we will prepare a Free Estimate
check smallWe prepare the technical drawings 2d and 3d
check smallWe prepare Photorealistic Rendering to allow you to have a very realistic image of the furniture and accessories
check smallWe provide a Packaging with resistant materials and as much ecological as possible to have a lower environmental impact
check smallWe guarantee mangingthe transport, to leave no margin for error to the carriers in the transport and loading / unloading of delicate material.

We optimise Costs

check smallWe optimize the dimensions of furniture, components and objects in relation with the available materials

check smallWe reduce the times of production processes, optimizing the potential of the machines to contain costs, while ensuring a high quality manufacture.

Quality Check

All the products produced are checked one by one in each processing phase, with greater attention before assembly and packaging.
In this way we can guarantee high quality even with large batch production processes, while maintaining the craftsmanship style of the products.

How we print

Printings can be made on any material with direct printing using the following techniques:
check smallin one-color or four-color silk-screen printing
check smallin digital, with surprising photographic effects, using fixatives suitable for the surfaces in which printing is carried out, guaranteeing high resistance
check smallwith pre-spaced adhesives on surfaces that are particularly large or difficult to handle

Cuts and Engravings

We perform cuts and engravings on laminates, multilayers and Plexiglas.
They can also be performed by laser, especially in cases where the perimeter cuts have very small internal radiuses or sharp edge.
check smallOn plastic materials smooth mirror edges are obtained
check smallOn plywood the edges remain slightly blackened
check smallEngravings have a well-defined effect with the ability to adjust the depth and intensity of the burn


They are made with highly technological edgebanding machines, both for linear edging and for shaped edges, using hot melt glues and wooden edges or shockproof ABS, rounded to guarantee safety and durability over time even for considerable temperature change.


All woodworking waste is reused in the company for heating of workplaces, offices and wood drying oven

Wood Drying

Solid wood is dried with a vacuum press process.
We are among the few artisanal companies that use this treatment internally.
This method guarantees optimal drying because it reduces to the minimum the twists and humidity of the wood set according to the characteristics of the products to be made.
Times are fast, it takes about ¼ of the time compared to traditional dryers, allowing you to manage even small quantities because to dry well you do not have to mix quality with the thicknesses.
The raw material dried in the correct way is the first step to guarantee stability and quality of the products.


On solid wood smooth finishes or brushing with a vein in relief can be done.
The surface treatment is carried out with impregnating, polyurethane, acrylic, waxed, water and food paints. 
In the panels the surfaces can be lacquered anti-scratch, ennobled or laminated with a great choice of colors, veins and essences.

Lighting of furnishings

The lighting system of the diplays is carried out in house with the help of qualified personnel, with CE certified material.
LED strips and spotlights are used to reduce overheating and consumption.
Often the competition uses classic spotlights that, compared to the LEDs ,affect the costs (they cost less but you spend more on the electricity bill) and duration time (because they do not last long).
In short, the traditional spotlights provided by 97% of furniture manufacturers, overheat and consume a lot more electricity.


It is carried out after personally checking the products one by one, wrapping them with a foam film to protect them during the packing and transport maneuvers (we are among the very few who carry out this operation).
We are very scrupulous in protecting the furniture in handling, so as not to damage the finished products.
Once inserted into the cardboard boxes they are placed on pallets and strapped to ensure integrity during transport.


Transporttion is carried out it with own truck, to reduce delivery times and to avoid unpleasant damage that can happen using the classic shipping companies.


All products have a 100% warranty.

Would you like to see a PROJECT of your activity and receive a quote in line with your budget, all for FREE?

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